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How to

Link Pana Debit Card to Zelle

By July 5th, 2022No Comments

Step 1.

Download the Zelle app from the App Store or Google Play Store


Step 2.

Tap GET STARTED, then enter your mobile number. Make sure that your mobile number is not linked to a different bank account. Tap CONTINUE


Step 3.

Check the terms and conditions and tap CONTINUE


Step 4.

Enter “Pana” in the search bar and then tap the DON’T SEE YOUR BANK button


Step 5.

Enter your email address, tap CONTINUE and then check your email for the verification code. Return to the Zelle app and enter the code. Tap ENTER


Step 6.

Add the information from your Virtual or Physical Pana Debit Card. Tap CONTINUE


Step 7.

Enter the same address you have on your Pana account and tap CONTINUE


Step 8.

Complete the information, create your password and tap CONTINUE


Step 9.

Select SKIP or ENABLE in this screen. Now you are all set to send and request money!

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